Lunch Menu

The Coffee Shop

At Clandon Park Garden Centre


Please see our specials board for today’s soup & main dishes

Lunch from 12noon -3pm


Sandwiches / Toasties / Ciabattas

Served with a salad garnish


  Brie & Cranberry   V                             £5.85 

Conisbees Honey Roast Ham             £5.50

Grated Cheddar Cheese V                  £4.85

Tuna Mayonnaise                                 £6.50

Prawn Cocktail                                      £8.25

                                       Bacon, Brie & Cranberry                     £7.85                                      

Tomato, Mozzarella & Pesto V         £5.85


Jacket Potatoes

Served with butter & salad garnish


Grated Cheddar Cheese V                  £7.45

Baked Beans V                                      £7.45

Brie & Bacon                                         £7.75

Tuna Mayonnaise                                £7.75

Prawn Cocktail                                     £8.25

Cheese & Beans V                               £7.45


Homemade Quiche & Sausage Rolls

Slice Quiche or Sausage Roll               £4.75

         With Salad or Potatoes               £7.75

         With Salad and Potatoes            £8.95


Bowl of Chips V                                    £3.00

Bowl of Cheesy Chips V                      £4.15 

Bowl of Mixed Salad V                        £3.00

Bowl of New Potatoes V                    £3.00


Hot Food

Homemade Soup with Roll                  £5.75

              with Cheese Scone                  £6.25

Scampi, Chips & Peas                            £8.50

Breaded Plaice, Chips & Peas              £9.25

Ham, Egg & Chips                                  £8.50

Veggie Sausages, Chips & Beans Vg   £6.95

Butchers Sausages, Chips

& Baked Beans or Fried Egg                £7.50


All Day Baps

Bacon                                                                £4.95

Bacon & Fried Egg                                          £5.95

Butchers Sausage                                           £4.95

Butchers Sausage & Fried Egg                      £5.95

Fried Egg (2)   V                                               £4.00

Bacon & Sausage                                            £5.95


Children’s Menu

Includes Ribena or Fruit Shoot or Still Water

Lunch Box Deal                                   £5.00

Hot Meal Deal                                     £5.00

Half Jacket Deal                                  £5.00

(Children’s menu available)


Cream Tea (All Day)       £5.90 per person

       Fruit scone, clotted cream, jam,             

Pot of Tea or cup of filter coffee       


V  = Vegetarian      Vg   = Vegan

Gluten Free options available on request


Food Allergies & Intolerances

Please be aware that we are not allergen free and we prepare most of the food we serve. Whilst taking extra care we cannot guarantee the food will be allergen free when requested.

For information please speak to our staff about your requirements when ordering at the till.