About us

We celebrated our opening on Monday 17 March 2003 (Some will remember this - because we gave away a large tray of Pansies to everyone just for visiting us!)

The Garden Centre used to belong to Blooms, but we bought it from them and took over on Tuesday 28 January 2003, with the intention of turning it back to the kind of Garden Centre that people used to love coming to. We planned to put back the sort of attractions that Clandon Park Garden Centre used to be known for, including introducing new shrubs, ferns, trees and all the things we thought you would like! We think we have achieved this!

The year 2005 was spent in rebuilding the Garden Centre (we managed to remain open for business as usual - in mobile units!), opening our doors to our customers for the first time on 15 May the same year. The Pet Shop similarly was refurbished at the same time and opened for business with a much larger and improved range of products.

Improvements and possible enlargements to both businesses will continue of course