The History of Clandon Park

A Very Short History of Clandon Park
(Our apologies to the Earl of Onslow for making this so short)‚Äč


Clandon Park is the home of the current Earl and Countess of Onslow. It has been the Onslow family home since 1641 and operates as an agricultural holding farmed by the 8th Earl of Onslow. The entrance to the estate is through the Golden Gates at the junction of Epsom Road and Park Lane at Merrow. This entrance remains for private use and the general public entrance is at The Street at West Clandon, which is also the entrance to the Big House. The Big House or as it is commonly referred to as Clandon Park or Clandon Park House was the main residence until 1956 when it was made over to the National Trust. At this time the family moved to Temple Court - a private residence within the grounds. Certain members of the family and many of the Clandon Park staff continue to reside at Temple Court and the various Clandon Park properties that are owned by the Onslow family that surround it.

The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul fronts the public entrance. A brick-walled kitchen garden, nearly an acre in size, was built to service the residents at the Big House in its hay day. This kitchen garden was initially managed by the family. It was eventually leased to enterprising individuals over the years and now being run as Clandon Park Garden Centre in its present form since the beginning of 2003. The Surrey Water Gardens and Pet Centre also runs alongside the Garden Centre.